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What is Gout? Holiday Season Can Trigger Foot Pain

(Cedar Grove, NJ) Got gout? If so, Dr. Wachtler, a Cedar Grove foot and ankle surgeon has a recommendation for surviving the holidays: Watch what you eat and drink. Changes in diet, including overindulging in certain foods and beverages, can cause gout attacks this time of year, says Dr. Matthew F. Wachtler, DPM, FACFAS. Gout

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Q&A with Dr. Wachtler

Why do I feel like I could sprain my ankle at any time? This is usually caused by a high arch foot type, chronic ankle instability or both. A high arch foot type often causes pressure to the outside of one’s foot and makes it easier to roll the ankle. Ankle instability usually arises from

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Runner with foot pain? You’ve got some nerve

(Cedar Grove, NJ)  Runners face a host of aches and pains which they are notorious for pushing through.  Some foot pain can be exacerbated by narrow sneakers, pointed-toed shoes at work and the repetitive pounding from running on hard surfaces.  These factors can cause a neuroma, a painful nerve disorder of the feet. A nerve

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Q & A with your podiatrist – Dr. Matthew F. Wachtler

Q) Will my shoes cause bunions or hammertoes? A) In short, probably not. Bunions and hammertoes are mostly genetic. However, wearing certain shoes can accelerate their progression or make them symptomatic. Don’t get me wrong, high heels on occasion are ok, but regularly wearing shoes which cause your toes to curl or be pushed together

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Are fallen arches a real foot problem?

(Cedar Grove, NJ) Are fallen arches a real foot problem, or just a label for chronically sore feet? Cedar Grove foot and ankle surgeon, Matthew F. Wachtler DPM, FACFAS says fallen arches –or flat feet– are a legitimate medical condition affecting five percent of Americans. Flat feet can be present at birth, or develop over

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For many, Winter is the season for Falls

Icy conditions cause falls and broken ankles (Cedar Grove, NJ) With the hectic pace of the holidays, serious injuries from ice-related falls inevitably occur.  Dr. Matthew Wachtler says falls on icy surfaces are a major cause of ankle sprains and fractures, and it’s critical to seek prompt treatment to prevent further damage that can prolong

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Long hikes take toll on feet, ankles

(Cedar Grove, NJ) –As brightly colored leaves dazzle the fall landscape, hikers and hunters nationwide will migrate to mountains, woods and fields, but many, unfortunately, are ill prepared for the beating their feet will take. Hikers, hunters and others who love the outdoors often don’t realize how strenuous it can be to withstand constant, vigorous walking

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Children’s soccer linked to ingrown toenails

Snug cleats, repeated kicking can contribute to a painful problem Foot and ankle surgeon, Matthew F. Wachtler, DPM, FACFAS, treats many soccer-playing children for ingrown toenails.  Often improper toenail trimming, snug soccer cleats and repetitive kicking creates this painful problem. Many kids wear hand-me-down cleats that don’t fit, while some older children like tighter cleats

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